CDAS Association

Društvo za sodobni ples (DSPS)
The Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia (CDAS)

The first initiatives for the foundation of such an association appeared already in the mid-1980s, but the Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia was not founded until May 1994. The Association operates as a professional association of active contemporary dance professionals at the national level; for a long time, it operated as an association in public interest in the field of culture.

The Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia (CDAS) is a voluntary association of professionals in the field of contemporary dance in Slovenia (dancers, choreographers, pedagogues, theoreticians and critics) whose aim is to form and realise their professional interests: the establishment of a space for communication, raising awareness, building a tradition of contemporary dance in Slovenia and an all-round development of the area of contemporary dance and the conditions for professional creative activities in Slovenia.

The Association also awards the Ksenija Hribar professional awards for outstanding achievements in the field of contemporary dance.
On the occasion of International Dance Day, the Association organizes community artistic events aimed at popularising and promoting contemporary dance in Slovenia.
CDAS cooperates with similar organisations abroad and participates in international projects.

Its activities are co-funded by the European Commission – Creative Europe program, the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Ljubljana and various embassies.