CDAS carries out various advocacy processes and cooperates with a wide network of stakeholders to develop proposals for the improvement and development of the field of contemporary dance. The priority objectives of the advocacy are:
– the establishment of rehearsal spaces;
– the creation of a public institution;
– the improvement of the status of the self-employed in culture in the field of dance;
– the integration of contemporary dance into the programmes of existing public institutions;
– the negotiation of better working conditions and decent payment;
– the increase of public funding for contemporary dance. 

CDAS also proposes experts to expert commissions and nominates dance artists for various awards. 
CDAS is part of advocacy groups and maintains a continuous dialogue with decision-makers (Ministry of Culture, City of Ljubljana, etc.). 
As a member of the Slovenian Chamber of Culture and the Association of NGO Asociacija, it also inscribes its interests in the wider cultural and social context.

In 2024, CDAS will carry out its advocacy and support activities within the DSPS 30+ project, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

In 2023, DSPS developed its advocacy activities in the framework of the project For!Dance (2023), supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.