Thirty Years of Beauty, Sweat, and Blisters

A series of interviews with founders and presidents of the Association for Contemporary Dance of Slovenia (DSPS) on the thirtieth anniversary of the organization.

#1 SUZANA KONCUT, translator and founding member | DSPS 30+

In 2024, we celebrate thirty years of the Association for Contemporary Dance of Slovenia, a professional organization in the field of contemporary dance. The inaugural general assembly with 13 founding members took place on May 3, 1994, and on May 10, they announced the establishment at a press conference in the then Slovenian Theatre and Film Museum, presenting their program, which, with its broad vision, remains an exceptionally orienting text when assessing the society’s visions.

Through a series of video interviews with founding members, participants of the inaugural general assembly, and past presidents of DSPS, we aim to revive three decades of the society’s operation, analyzing perspectives on the development of contemporary dance, common efforts, and achievements during this period.

The interviews are presented semi-monthly on various DSPS online platforms from March to September 2024. In the fall months, we will also commemorate the anniversary with a special public event. We invite you to watch and follow the prepared content!

Concept: Rok Vevar, Jasmina Založnik, Teja Reba Project Manager: Jasmina Založnik

Concept and Conduct of Interviews, Research, and Material Digitization: Rok Vevar Recording and Editing: Gaja Madžarevič Graphic Design: Mina Fina

Production, Organization, and Administration: Tjaša Bertoncelj Public Relations: Katja Lenarčič Production: Association for Contemporary Dance of Slovenia, 2024

Co-production: DUM Society of Artists With the support of: Ministry of Culture, City Municipality of Ljubljana